What we do

At FMI our goal is to introduce and manage undiscovered talent to the world’s top modeling agencies.  We know you can travel to different markets such as New York, Miami and Los Angeles to knock-on-doors, but our FMI LIVE events offer a more streamlined and accessible opportunity.  Some management companies do hold “open calls”, others do not. Often times you will meet assistants or interns and may not even be seeing the right people. This is a very expensive and financially risky way to find out if you have what it takes to make it in the industry.  We discover talent by traveling around the world and scouting potential models in person to attend our Live Model Showcase where they will be seen in person by the right agents from the best agencies all at once. This approach elevates each person’s exposure and potential to be seen and signed by a modeling agency.

The FMI Live Model Showcases are not a pageant or a competition. The three-day educational event is where you will learn about the industry and have the opportunity to walk the runway in front of the agents. You DO NOT need training or experience.  We will educate you on the industry and prepare you for what you need to do. We even provide time for you to practice on the runway with our industry veterans as coaches.

After the runway review each agent will provide us with a list of callbacks which is the talent they are interested in meeting. If you receive a callback you will sit with the agent or agents and discuss your possible opportunities.  There are not a set number of callbacks. Agents look for all different types of talent. You might have interest from many agents, just one, or none at all. We do not make promises that they will be interested in representing you. In fact, some of you will not get callbacks.  If your goal is to be a model, The FMI Live Showcase, is by far the simplest, time saving and most cost effective way to start your career.  We do not guarantee a signed contract, but we strive to provide the best counsel and management for you to be discovered in the most straightforward personalized format. 

What is a Mother Agency?

When you first start modeling you will likely hear the term "mother agent" or "mother agency". What is a mother agency?  A mother agent or agency is usually a scout that discovered you and helped you get your start or can be the first modeling agency you begin working with when you start your modeling career, we at FMI do function as your Mother Agent. 

When you are first starting out we as the mother agent will be the one that helps you learn the industry, helps you build your modeling portfolio or "book", and gives you advice and guidance on the best direction for your career. We may also promote you to clients so that you can book jobs and build your book over time.

If you live in a smaller market (outside of New York, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, London, etc.) It is highly likely that we will need to promote you to larger American markets or international markets so that you can book jobs with major publications like Vogue Magazine, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, or with clients such as Prada, Gucci, Armani, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister and more. In other words, we will likely try to sign or "place" you to larger agencies to help you further your career.


A Good Mother Agent Has Connections

We are a group of industry professionals that understands the industry as a whole. Rather than focusing on just your own market we have excellent connections to multiple outside agencies and a good understanding of how the various markets do business. This is important because requirements for models can vary greatly around the world. We also have important insider businessinformation such as, which agencies pay their models in a timely manner, which agencies have the best bookers, which agencies are among the most respected in their markets, and other important information that can make the difference in your success as a model.

The Mother Agent only gets paid when you do

When FMI signs you to an agency we generally earn a commission for being your manager.  For example, when you complete a job for a client the agency that booked the job will deduct 20% from you as their commission. In turn, they will split that with the mother agent.  So don't worry, having a mother agency will not cost you any more than you would normally be paid. 

You have an Experienced Mother Agent

Is having FMI as your mother agency a good idea? YES, YES, YES! FMI is here to guide and protect you. We have experience and knowledge of the industry you simply won't have when first starting out. Just like you wouldn't defend yourself in court without a lawyer, you shouldn't attempt a modeling career without the help of a professional agent. 

FMI was founded and developed to help new models get the guidance and protection they need to navigate the industry. We have been mother agents for 15 years and we fully understand all aspects of the modeling industry from modeling contracts, travel arrangements, overseas accommodations, work visas in foreign countries and more. 

The FMI Difference

At FMI we hold certain values to heart and are passionate about providing the best opportunities for every participant to be discovered. We put our name on our brand because we want to ensure that each model and their family get personalized attention and the best possible results. 

We are full time model scouts and managers who travel throughout the country to find people that we consider have a genuine chance to break into this industry. If we scouted you then you have an excellent chance to be signed to an agency. 

Getting in front of a modeling agency is very difficult and expensive. Most top agencies are based in New York and do not accept appointments without an acknowledged referral.  Agency directors know our success rate and trust our “eye for talent”. 

We find it crucial to coach you through this process truthfully and inform you up front that we cannot and will not guarantee that you will get a contract with an agency that we introduce you to. The industry is highly competitive but we will strive to provide you with the best opportunity for you to be discovered in person by an agency director. 

We do not charge “hidden fees” or “up sell” you on items you do not need like a model book or photo shoots. 

We treat all participants and their families personally: we are your main contact during your scouting process and through the development of your career.  We are always available to speak with you or your family.  When you contact FMI, you will speak to the principles of the company.   

Once a model gets signed we do function as a “Mother Agent” working with the agencies to ensure the growth and development in the industry.  We are in continuous contact to guide them throughout their career.  We are always available to talk with models and their families who would like guidance and advice. 


We have a team of scouts working with us across North America