How many potential models will be participating at the FMI Model Expo 2020 NYC?

It depends on how many people we find that we consider to have true potential on being a model. Our attendance is usually smaller than other companies, since we are highly selective.

What’s included in the FMI Model Expo 2020 NYC registration fee?

FMI Model Expo 2020 NYC Package includes badge and entrance ticket (participant badge and one guest) that entitles the model to participate in the Live Runway Review in front of the worlds top modeling agencies. You will receive your numbered badge and your guest entrance ticket at the event registration check-in. You may bring additional guests for $95.00 per ticket. All guests must have a ticket to enter, no exceptions.

FMI Model Expo 2020 NYC a model competition?

No, it is not a contest or a competition. Everyone who attends our event is there because we consider them to have real potential to be signed by an agency. We look to boost a participant's self-esteem and improve self-confidence by providing education from the industry that a person will receive by attending the event. Agencies recognize that participants have been hand-picked by some of the most selective scouts in order to be seen by the top modeling agencies in the world.

Should my parents attend the FMI Model Expo 2020 NYC?

We absolutely encourage all parents and family members to come to our showcase. Note that if you are under 18, a parent or guardian must accompany you. Parents will learn all the ins-and-outs of the modeling industry and have a better understanding on how to help their child achieve success as a model. We have assembled the world top agencies to be there so that parents can ask questions directly to the agents during a Q&A session at the round table panel discussion.

What happens after the FMI Model Expo 2020 NYC?

When an attendee receives call-backs from the agency directors, our first priority is to complete the process of getting the individual signed to the agency that best fits his or her lifestyle and priorities. Note that a callback shows interest and is the start of the process. If you received a call-back and an agency is interested in you, they will contact us and we will make sure that you are placed with the right agency.